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Gisele Made Her First Public Appearance Since the Divorce Announcement and the Internet is Not Being Kind

Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

In the words of the late, great Warren Zevon, "Life'll kill ya." At the very least, it'll take a toll. None of us are immune from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. 

Consider that this photo was taken just about 34 months ago. During a moment of triumph in which two people, at the height of their reverie, had everything any married couple could ever hope for. Success and wealth beyond any king and queen's wildest dreams. A family out of a fairy tale. And above all else, a love that seemed as ageless as the spouses who radiated it to one another as a beacon to the world. 

But sadly, as we now realize, that marriage was not as eternal as it seemed such a short time ago. That sad drama has taken a toll on Tom Brady, his last minute touchdown pass Sunday notwithstanding. He looks thin. Tired. Short-tempered:

And not at all himself. 

Finally Gisele has made her first public appearance as well.

And to the surprise of no one, social media is being the cruel, heartless, sadistic mistress we have all become accustomed to:

Get a load of these nasty, sadistic bastards.It's unconscionable, even for Twitter. And if you think I just cherry-picked the especially mean ones, see for yourself. These are all within the first 12-15 replies. My guess is that they get crueler the further down you go. But I didn't have the moral courage necessary to go any further down that dark rabbit hole. 

Sick sons of bitches. Can't a woman just let her outer beauty reflect the sadness within without getting dogpiled by social media bullies? Can't she just be a mom for a few hours? Literally let her hair down without being Mean Girled by the Cheeto-dusted fingers of anonymous virgins who are more sofa than man and will die alone and mourned by no one? 

As someone who has long been invested in Gisele's outward and inner beauty, I promise these creeps that they will regret these cheap jokes and bitter remarks. Her pain is temporary. Her soul is not. She is going to rally back to the level she was at when the whole world stopped to admire her:

Losing Brady took a toll on me that lasts until this day. I melted like a candle when he left New England. But she'll bounce back, mark my words. Gisele is no longer a wife, but she'll always be a supermodel.