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The Mets Reportedly See The Braves As The Biggest Threat To Sign Jacob deGrom

SNY — SNY's Andy Martino reported from the GM Meetings in Las Vegas that he believes the Mets will make a "strong" early offer for deGrom, but that they won't let deGrom "lead them down a free agency chase" to the high point of the bidding.

Per Martino, the Mets will offer what they think deGrom is worth, perhaps go a bit higher, and will be happy if he returns.

Martino added that the Mets remain unsure whether deGrom wants to be back, and cited the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers as the two teams the Mets are most worried about when it comes to who could sign deGrom away.

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I know that report mentions the Texas Rangers, but nobody actually believes Jacob deGrom is going to look at Corey Seager and Marcus Semien playing for a 68-94 team in a glorified airplane hangar this past season and decide that's where he wants to spend the next few years. The Mets know in the deep recesses of their collective mind that deGrom wants to play for his childhood favorite team. Come home, Jacob.

Obviously this would make the Braves' rotation even nastier than it already is, but Atlanta doesn't necessarily need deGrom. The Braves would be just fine with the starters they already have. I want this solely for the Mets fan meltdown.

They would truly have nothing left. If deGrom left for the rival franchise that just snatched the division title away from New York's best team this century, I don't see how an already beleaguered fanbase recovers from that. The Braves got the World Series ring that has eluded the Mets for decades and would now have taken the player they hold most dear. I'm giddy just thinking about it.

While I'd honestly prefer Alex Anthopoulos to figure out who's going to play shortstop and left field before worrying about a luxury to add to the starting rotation, this is the one that would be worth it. Thinking about the looks on the faces of Mets fans at the sight of red, white and blue deGrom jerseys roaming the concourses of Citi Field has me ready to fast-forward to April.