Ain't No Guess - EA Sports Simulated This Year's World Cup With Argentina Winning After Correctly Predicting The Previous Three

Well there it is. Why even play the World Cup? No need since EA Sports is apparently the easiest way to predict the future. 3-for-3 in the last World Cups and now we know it's going to be Argentina this year. Go to the Barstool Sportsbook and you see they are currently 6/1 and the 2nd favorites behind Brazil. It's not that outrageous to predict Argentina will win in Messi's final World Cup. But +600 is +600. 

More importantly, I'll take this result because of the US. Get out of the group stage, win a knockout game and then play France to a 1-0 match. Tough draw, but I'll take that right now so we can win the World Cup in 2026 at home. A normal World Cup. Not only that but Pulisic gets 5 goals? That's the good stuff. Now I'll have nothing but a let down after seeing Pulisic only get 3 or 4 goals. Gonna need someone to help him out there. Can't have Pulisic be the only goal scorer. 

They need to do a little something different here though. Can't have the two favorites in the title game. This isn't your grandfather filling out a bracket with all 1 seeds in the Final Four like it's 2008. No. Give me someone causing mayhem. Netherlands at +1300 as the 3rd place finisher? Sure. But rig it at least so the US gets there. Give me the hope I have in my brain because I want to live in a world of success. 

At least Ronaldo didn't win anything. That's a plus. Argentina vs Brazil in the finals would be awesome though. Massive rivals that would cause those countries to shut down for weeks.