Decent Day - Pedro Officially Makes Brazil's World Cup Roster, Promptly Get Engaged To His Smoke Girlfriend

[Source] - Brazil star Pedro Guilherme celebrated his World Cup call-up by proposing to his girlfriend - leaving glamorous partner Fernanda Nogueira with tears in her eyes.

The 25-year-old was named in Tite's 26-man squad and found out while watching a live television broadcast with Fernanda and members of his family.

As soon as his name was called out, the romantic got down on one knee with a diamond ring as it was gratefully accepted by his other half who was full of emotion.

Yeah pretty decent day. I'm not going to knock a guy for getting engaged. I mean, shit, even I'm married. It's normal. It'd be cliche to knock a dude who made Brazil's World Cup roster to immediately get engaged. But this is my problem with the setup here. You're already nervous when you have to propose. You know there's a 99.9% chance the girl says yes, but you still somewhat soberly blackout as you start to ramble and say words that you forget you said. You just try to get the ring out and offer it in the correct way. Open box, on a knee, looking up, just waiting for yes. Or in my wife's case 'are you fucking kidding me?' I'm a catch. I can't help that. 

You can't combine those nerves with the nerves of being announced to Brazil's World Cup roster. I can't relate to that feeling. I've never been close to making the World Cup, even for the US team. Kind of bullshit if you ask me. I'd be a great last guy on the bench for vibes and good juju reasons. Or at the minimum I could tell Gregg not to bring Aaron fucking Long to the World Cup. 

That and it's okay for this moment to only be about Pedro. You just made the roster for the favorites to win the World Cup. You get to wear the iconic Brazil yellow jersey at the World Cup. Shout out Roberto Carlos, still an all-time favorite. Get engaged tomorrow. I'd say get engaged at the World Cup, but that's likely illegal in Qatar. 

Anywho, congrats on a hell of a day. I searched for her Instagram for the people and couldn't find it. I tried, trust me.