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I Can Watch Videos Of Parents Absolutely Dominating Their Kids On A Football Field All Day Long

I hate to admit it but that video was therapeutic as fuck. Anybody that has had kids has most likely been dragged by them mentally, physically, emotionally, and countless other words that end in "-ally" since the moment they cut the umbilical cord. Sure there are those priceless moments that make the entire struggle jusssst worth it. But for the most part, it is an absolute grind from the time you go to wake up way too early to the time you go to bed absolutely SPENT.

Which is why I couldn't get enough of these parents showing off some dad and mom strength or juking their kids into needing a new pair of cleats for their shattered ankles just to remind them who the boss is. Hold off on the calls to CPS because I'm not looking to see these kids get CTE from their parents. I just like a watching little bit of dominance being re-established by the people at the top of the family tree who have given everything they have for their little ones. Especially after the clocks went back this weekend, which is psychological torture for every person with a brood of their own, which is always fun to see people like like Whit continue to learn about

So while I love watching highlights of the best athletes in the country dominating on the gridiron every Sunday, Saturday, or even Friday, I think I'd take a couple of random mom and dads living out their dreams of being 99 Overalls in Madden against an 8U football team.