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America's Best New Bar Has Opened & It Just Happens To Be At A Publix

I noticed this as I was scrolling through twitter this morning and my mind immediately started racing as to how I should properly think about the idea of there being a random bar in the middle of Publix now. Now for those who don't know what Publix is, it's basically a supermarket juggernaut in the South (I mainly think Florida) that's a mix between something as wonderful as a Stew Leonard's up north and a random Shop Rite anywhere else. The pub subs they make are absolutely classic cuisine and everything is wonderful as well, but do I want to drink at the Publix Bar?

I think the answer is yes? Frankly this has just made me think of the idea of getting drunk in a super market and now I'm extremely invested in the idea no matter what the actual market is. It sounds like a PHENOMENAL idea. You know how fun it sounds to get a little buzzed then roam around a supermarket sampling some of the best food the store has to offer while getting your steps in? Extremely, extremely, extremely fun. And the possibility for great drunk eats is obviously endless. I bet some would think getting drunk in the middle of a weekday at a Publix is loser behavior. But me? I say it's hero behavior. 

I hope a bunch of Floridians enjoy the hell out of that, which will likely lead to a bunch of videos of them doing crazy Florida shit in Publix, which I will end up blogging here as well.