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The #1 UNC Tarheels Aren't That Great And Won't Be Ranked By January

People in college basketball freak the fuck out when a team returns everyone from the year before. When St. Bonaventure returned 5 starters last year and and were immediately ranked, the whole country blew them. They ended up absolutely sucking. I know UNC is a good basketball team and they will make the tournament but this is the same shit as UCLA last year. They barely made the tournament, getting in as a 9 seed and nobody thought anything of them. They got hot at the right time and over-achieved by a million. They had an average season but it proves just because a team returns their players doesn't mean they are going to be that good again. 

I think a lot of folks just decide to overhype a team every single year and UNC is that team this time. Everyone will call me dumb but I'm predicting it- this will be the exact thing I just talked about with UCLA (and when I'm right you'll have to say I know college basketball). 


And yes, I will admit if I am wrong but I feel good about this prediction. You even saw it in Monday night's game, UNC didn't blow out UNC-Wilmington (and they actually have a great grad transfer who is better than Brady Manek but Rj Davis and Caleb Love will have to play out of their minds again). 

If I keep my bias out of it this year look at Texas. Chris Beard's 2nd year is going to be a lot different than last year and Marcus Carr is going to be a top player in the league. Illinois is another team with the tranfers of Terrence Shannon Jr. and Matthew Mayer who I think can make an impact in March this year. Just remember I said this before the season starts and you can tell me I am right when they don't make it far in the Tournament.