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Justin Tucker Continues To Spit Bars On Victory Flights Home, Murders The Saints At 30,000 Feet


The GOAT can't stop won't stop stealing souls at 30,000 feet (do planes fly at 30k feet? 10k? 50k? 50k seems like too many but airplanes by nature don't make any sense to my simple brain. You could tell me any number and I'd believe it).

Last week it was Russell Wilson catching a hellacious blow from the kid on the flight home from Tampa.

I'm not sure any amount of concussion water will bring Russ back from that one.

Now JT is taking aim at the Saints, mere hours after JT's merry men ransacked New Orleans and bullied them into submission. Talk about salt in the wound.

I figure JT is out for blood any way he can get it. He made the big kick to seal a huge win against the Bengals a few weeks ago and now he's on a murdering spree on Marlon Humphrey's victory IG Lives. 

The real sign that he had thirst for blood last night? Look no further than garbage time last night, with 28 seconds left and the game in hand. Ravens had 4th and 8 at their own 48 and there's JT, pleading with Coach Harbs for a chance to take a crack at a 69 yard field goal that would surely break the internet indefinitely.

And ya know what? Here's JT in warm-ups booting absolute howitzers from 70 yards.

Guy is 34 of 35 in domes and retractable roof stadiums in his career. That's 97% for the folks at home. When it's all said and done and his numbers are stacked miles ahead of everyone elses, it should be kept in mind that he's also had to kick outdoors in the elements in 156 of his 170 games to date. What a robot.

He absolutely could have made it. Coach Harbs picked the poison for the Saints, and that poison was airplane fatalities via bars.

Anyways, JT album coming soon, but you can catch him on Tour every Sunday the rest of the way. BUY YOUR SHIRT NOW.