Joel Embiid Says The Sixers Season Started Now That The Phillies Season Has Ended And It's Tough To Disagree With Him

The past few weeks in Philadelphia were a blur. The entire city was fueled by nothing but coffee, booze, and apparently rotisserie chicken during the first Phillies trip to the postseason in 11 years. So with that being the case, nobody within the city limits was operating at 100%. We were all playing guilty. Lack of sleep, constant hangovers, the works. Not to brag but I've written the 3rd most blogs on the site since the start of October through today, all while being violently hungover for the majority of it. 

The moral of the story here is that you weren't going to get anybody's best over these past few weeks. That goes for the other teams in the city as well. The Sixers looked like absolute dog shit to start the season. They started off the season 4-6 through their first 10 games and it was almost a given that the opposing team was going to put up at least 100 points on any given night. Joel Embiid particularly looked like shit. He looked lazy, he looked disinterested, he looked out of shape, he looked nothing like a guy who should be in the MVP conversation. But as a reminder, all of that was done while the Phillies were still in the middle of their postseason run. 

Last night was the first Sixers game since their neighbor's season came to an end. And how did Joel Embiid look after taking the past few games off with the "flu"?

33/10/5. And that's without James Harden in the lineup. It looked like a completely different Joel Embiid. The Joel Embiid that everybody in Philadelphia has come to know and love. Turns out all it took was for the Phillies season hangover to subside and now we have our MVP back in the mix. And if this is the Joel Embiid we're getting moving forward, well then it's safe to say that nothing that happened earlier in the season counts for anything. The real season started last night, everything from before was just a prank. 

It would also be nice to get something even remotely close to this version of the Minivan for the rest of the season.