Two Philadelphia Women Must Have Flown Down To Houston To Fight At The Astros World Series Parade

Philly was *this* close to having a parade this week. The barricades were out, the poles were greased, all that needed to happen was for the Fightins to take care of business and win 2 more games. Unfortunately they lost 3 straight games after a 5-dinger performance in game 3 and now the Houston Astros are World Series champs for the 2nd time in 5 years. Tough pill to swallow for Philly fans in general. But an especially tough pill to swallow for all the lady Philly fans out there who were looking forward to beating the shit out of each other at the parade. 

If you recall, they were already letting the fists fly while the Phillies were getting no-hit into oblivion in game 4. 


Grabbing a fistful of hair and rolling around on the piss and Stateside covered floors of the Xfinity bathrooms is one thing. But to get a chance to grab a fistful of hair and roll around on the piss and Stateside covered streets of Philadelphia in the middle of a World Series parade? That's what dreams are made of. It just sucks the Fightins weren't able to get the job done and have that parade cruising down Broad Street. So these fine ladies most have done the next sensible thing and grabbed the cheapest airline tickets they could find to Houston to get there in time for the Astros parade. They even managed to pick up some Astros jerseys and dye their hair orange just to fit in. And then it was game on. 

Am I allowed to say something here without getting cancelled? I mean CLEARLY the girl in the Bregman jersey is in a bit of a weightclass disadvantage here. So when that's the case, you need to have a better game plan going into the fight. If you end up getting taken to the ground, do NOT pull the other girl's hair to come down with you and then unload a furious ground & pound session. Just have to be smarter there. 

But yeah. Congratulations to the Houston Astros and their fans on the World Series. Nobody deserves it more.