That Loser Sepp Blatter Finally Admits It Was A Mistake To Put The World Cup In Qatar, Should Have Been In The USA

[Source] - And now in an interview in his homeland, Swiss fixer Blatter, ousted after the FBI raids on Fifa in 2015, pinned the blame directly on ex-Uefa boss and one-time protege Platini.

Blatter said: “The choice of Qatar was a mistake. 

“At the time, we actually agreed in the Executive Committee that Russia should get the 2018 World Cup and the USA that of 2022. “But a week before the 2010 Fifa Congress, Michel Platini called me and said our plan would no longer work.

“He told me he had been invited to the Elysée Palace, where then French President Sarkozy had just had lunch with the Crown Prince of Qatar. 

“Sarkozy said to Platini: ‘See what you and your colleagues from Uefa can do for Qatar when the World Cup is awarded.’

 “So I couldn't count on Platini anymore. It came out exactly like this: Thanks to Platini's four votes and his people, the World Cup went to Qatar instead of the USA. That's the truth.”

No shit, dumbass. If only there was something you could have done. If only you were, I don't know, let me just spit ball here, the President of FIFA or something. I mean, just a hunch that a guy like that could do something about making sure corruption isn't happening and we're about to watch the dumbest World Cup ever to exist. Wait, you're telling me...

Laurence Griffiths. Getty Images.

Oh right, that is Sepp Blatter. This dude is just a fucking loser. I don't care if he's in his 80s. LOSER. Of course Qatar doesn't deserve to host the World Cup. I don't care that it's rich as shit and paid people off. The fact that it has the dumbest rules in the world, the fact people died being forced to build stadiums, the fact it's a shit country, just a couple reasons to not put it there. 

I love that Sepp is saying this like it's a huge sigh of relief for him. I'm not letting him go the Catholic guilt way where we just go to confession, say a couple Hail Mary's and bam, we're all good. Nope. You can't just say Qatar is a mistake. You don't get to say the Our Father and wipe your hands clean Sepp. 

And I know the US is hosting in 2026, but it's still not good enough. We gotta share the World Cup with Mexico and Canada? Come on. Just give us 2022 and give Mexico or Canada another World Cup. We did just fine in 1994 - so much so it helped start the MLS. 

2 weeks out and everyone agrees it was a mistake. Awesome. Great job all around, FIFA.