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Meek Mill Tripped A Ref During Last Night's 76ers Game And I'm Stunned This Doesn't Happen Way More

This not happening way more will never make any sense to me. This is the real life version of the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode when Larry was sitting court side and he accidentally tripped Shaq.

Listen I don't fault Meek Mill whatsoever and I think courtside seats are more of a hassle then actually being good seats. It is more of a flex to sit there than actually enjoy the game. When you go to a game, you want to enjoy the concession stands and you also want to be able to stretch your legs a little as well. When you are sitting on the court, you have to be alert the entire game just incase you have one of those massive bastards jumping in the crowd and landing on top of you along with the ball. I think it might just be a disaster to sit that close because what if Meek Mill tripped Embiid and injured him for the season? He would never be able to go back to Philly ever again. 

I keep watching the video because Meek is sitting there like he is hanging out in his living room. He probably felt someone trip and thank God it's only the ref instead of Booker or Embiid. I think we have too many reporters and photographers way too close to the court where these players can get hurt. But that will have to be another blog. 


Nate Note: Sitting on the floor at a basketball game was the best sports watching experience I've ever had across all sports. If you ever get the opportunity, you have to do it.