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College Basketball Is Officially Here - Stetson, A Team Named After A Hat, Upset Florida State

The Hatters! I'm not joking. They are named after a hat. It doesn't matter though because they own Florida State. A 9-point victory on the road. I know Florida State is down players - notably Baba Miller. But you can't make excuses when you lose to Stetson, take it from me, a guy who has never made an excuse when his team lost. Not even once. You just lost. 

At least Florida State is ranked in football. They got that going for them. But this was supposed to be a good Florida State team. That's not to say they won't figure shit out. Teams have done this before, but uh, opening night at home and you lose to the Hatters? That's just rough to bounce back from. Especially true when you have to go UCF on Friday. Just something to keep an eye on when lines come out. 

Oh and new rule. You can't tweet out the hashtag New Blood when you lose to Stetson. 

This is the beauty of having 100 games today. I know there weren't any marquee games or anything. But there's always this sort of upset. Bad time for Florida State to be the team though. This is what people will be talking about assuming TCU comes back on Arkansas Pine-Bluff. Well at least until tomorrow late morning when football starts being the talk again. 

College hoops is officially underway. The Hatters baby. What a name. What a win.