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OH NO BUFFALO: The Bills Say Josh Allen Is Being Evaluated For An Elbow Injury To His UCL And The Nerves Related To It

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Well it looks like the Football Gods have decided to go ahead and torture their favorite fanbase to torture by coming for Bills Mafia's favorite son on this play.

Now seeing the daunting 3 letters of a UCL will send shivers down the spine of every baseball fan since the name Tommy John is usually brought up soon after if shit is completely fucked (that's an industry term). 

However, Josh had a UCL injury back in 2018 and missed four games because of it. Not ideal for a Bills team looking to get the 1 seed in the playoffs, but by no means a death sentence. Especially since Allen did this the play after he got hurt.

I usually stick with whatever football doctor I find on Twitter that gives the news I want to hear and since I want the people of Buffalo to have their gentle giant healthy, I am choosing to believe Edwin Porras. I may not know what DPT stands for but he has a solid Twitter handle in @FBInjuryDoc and Elon has gone out of his way to prove how worthless a blue checkmark is these days.

I read that a UCL injury can weaken the arm, which I guess means Allen will only be able throw a laser 70 yards in the air instead of 80? Regardless, all the thoughts and prayers are being sent from the Casa de Clem to Western New York because the NFL is undeniably more fun when the Bills are in the mix and the good folks of Buffalo deserve another shot at the Chiefs with their man child QB under center.