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Major Breaking News: Lauren Conrad Will Appear On Kristin Cavalieri's Podcast "Back To The Beach" To Air Everything Out


Yes I watched Laguna Beach and I'm not afraid to admit it!

Now I must say I watched like 3 episodes when it aired live and then during the pandemic when boredom was through the roof I binged it and the Hills. My sister told me give it a shot because of how ahead of it's time it was (no staged interviews etc). Also I was the same age as the kids of Laguna while it was being taped so it was a great piece of nostalgia regarding the music, the fashion, and just the general time in your life. 

The first season involved the view from the Queen Lauren Conrad's eyes, and then when she graduated Kristin Cavalieri took over. They beefed for the entire first season, and then a little in the 2nd while Lauren was in college and Kristin a senior in high school. Most of the drama centered around Stephen, a love interest of them. 

I was ALWAYS a TEAM LC guy. It also says a lot that Kristin was a constant 2nd fiddle. They picked LC first to do Laguna and then again for The Hills. Kristin was 2nd choice every time. However, some people say Kristin was the Queen of the show. Everyone is divided in opinion on who they love and who they hate and that's why we are still talking about this show even today. 

This is going to be a huge interview for these two to finally clear the air on decades of not speaking and drama surrounding the show. I can't wait to listen. 

PS- Kristin is nowhere near as bad as Spencer and Heidi Pratt on The Hills. Those two were dirtbags.