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Giants Safety Xavier McKinney Is Going To Miss Multiple Weeks Due To A Hand Injury He Suffered While On An ATV Tour In Cabo During The Giants Bye Week

What in the name of Plaxico Burress is going on here? Everything is beautiful in Giantsland on a lovely November morning before WHAM, a very avoidable non-football injury to a critical player appears out of the goddamn blue. I was all ready to give the Giants a W on their bye since a bunch of teams in the mix for the NFC wild card lost yesterday. But this news makes the bye feel much more like an L.

Now I'm happy McKinney isn't seriously hurt and obviously things could have been worse. But from a football standpoint, this is really a kick in the dick for a team that has exceeded everyone's expectations, thanks in large part to the defense McKinney captains while wearing the green dot as an integral part of Wink's schemes designed to confuse/murder the quarterback. 

You learn to live with injuries that happen on the football field because it is essentially a game of car accidents every single week. But to get into an ATV accident on your bye week while in Cabo is BRUTAL and I can't imagine the amount of laps Coach Judge would make the team, the coaches, and the fans run for allowing this to happen. And even though I am clearly no fan of cardio, running laps until I collpase seems like a dream compared to having to tell this beautiful man that you let him down.

I guess the bright side is that the Giants have the Texans and Lions over the next two weeks before traveling to Dallas for a Thanksgiving game that already had a chance to ruin what is usually a glorious holiday. But I've been a Giants fan long enough to know there is no such thing as a gimme win and losing a player as important as McKinney before a stretch where there are three games in 11 days is not great! 

So get well soon Xavier and please Wink, use Landon Collins for blitzing purposes much much muchhhh more than coverage purposes. Thank you.

P.S. I can't imagine the Notes App statement that Plaxico or JPP would've written after their explosive injuries. For a team that is often looked at as one of the classy franchises of the NFL, there sure are a lot of absurd and embarrassing self-inflicted injuries that take place.