Jenna Bush's Husband Once Had To Sneak Out Of The White House After Sleeping Over With The President's Daughter

Henry Hager officially has the best walk of shame story of all-time.

I guess I understand why Henry would be a little unnerved upon waking up in this situation given he worked as a White House aide, but this is one of the coolest stories anyone could ever tell after the fact. Getting into the White House with the president's daughter seems like the hard part anyway, walk out of there with your head held high and a little pep in your step.

Plus, I have a hard time believing someone in the White House didn't know what was going on. There's an entire department whose job is to make sure the president and his family are safe. There were people who knew exactly what went down.

Regardless, this rocks. This guy lived out My Date With The President's Daughter in real life and then some. And he and Jenna Bush ended up married with three children and lived happily ever after, so that's great too.

I hope Thanksgiving isn't awkward at the Bush home this year now that this story is out there.