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$EBR Heads Into The First European Break on a 3-0 Run Including The Game Of The Month

The clocks have turned and the days are shorter, but with the top European leagues on break and no afternoon hockey to get us through the days they will seem like an eternity. At least we have the Game of the Month from Chiclets Etc. to look back on to help the pain.

I don't think it's possible to win a Game of the Month in a more exciting fashion.

Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Czechia, and a host of other leagues are all on National Team Break. This means some players have scattered around the globe enjoying their time off and some others are preparing for tournaments this weekend with their national teams. $EBR favorites Timrå landed two guys on the Swedish National Team this time around.

That’s right $EBR we may not have games early on this week to hammer the Barstool Sportsbook with, but later in the week, we will have National Teams to bet on responsibly. 

The first tournament we will be looking at and handicapping is the Karjala Cup taking place in Czechia and Finland this year. Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and Czechia all come together to play a 3 game round-robin tournament.

The 2nd tournament we will focus on is the Deutschland Cup or Germany Cup, where we will see Austria, Slovakia, Germany, and Denmark play a 3-game round-robin tournament in Krefeld, Germany. This was a tournament that for years featured Team USA, but this season all the Americans are knocking cities off their bucket lists instead.

These tournaments give the hockey federations a chance to look at and prepare players for the World Championships in the Spring.

If you are wondering where the Canadian players are, they are also traveling Europe and enjoying the local cuisine and watering holes of different countries on this Continent. Barcelona is always a favorite this time of year as you can escape the cold hockey countries and soak up one last week of warm weather.

Everybody Rides!!

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