With The Mets Re-Signing Edwin Diaz For $100 Million And Being Linked To Trea Turner, It's A Good Time To Remind Everyone Money Doesn't Mean A Goddamn Thing To Steve Cohen

So in the midst of yesterday's football orgy, the New York Mets locked up their nuclear weapon at closer for the foreseeable future. Mets fans celebrated while reply guys around the country cried of an overpay. 

As a Mets fan, I wholeheartedly disagreed with those replies since you cannot put a price tag on a guy who gave fans their first ever full season of pleasant blue skies in the 9th inning, getting a replacement closer would still cost a pretty penny for a pitcher that was undoubtedly worse than Edwin Diaz, and oh yeah STEVE COHEN IS RICH AS FUCK AND ALREADY SAID HE WILL SPEND WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO WIN IN A SPORT WITHOUT A SALARY CAP.

I know it's very hard for fans of broke teams to understand this. Trust me, I had to deal with the Wilpons for years, which is why I did not for a minute think the Mets would go after Max Scherzer or Starling Marte last offseason let alone sign BOTH of them despite the Wilpons being shooed out of Citi Field thanks to countless bad decisions they made. 

However, when the guy that owns your team spends crazy money on shit stuff art like this, investing in good baseball players for his baseball team is a no-brainer.

Now that the World Series is over and the Hot Stove has some fresh logs in it, we are getting reports that Stevie Claus is looking to give us some more presents under our baseball tree once again.

Along with a familiar face deciding to hit the market after he signed a shitty deal with the Mets after his ex-agent became GM and swindled the fuck out of him.

So let me save everyone the the energy before their 280 characters explaining how the Mets overpaid if/when they sign either of these guys or whatever other free agent they want. No they didn't. Because money isn't real to Steve Cohen. Based on the last few years, I'm not sure if money is real at all. But it's definitely not for Steve Cohen. 

If the Dodgers signed Edwin Diaz to a $100 million contract after this season, nobody would've made a peep and probably would've applauded them for once fixing a fatal flaw in their team with their unlimited cash. The Mets actually do it after the greatest season for a closer in team history and it's LOLMets, despite the Dodgers having exactly 1 more Mickey Mouse World Series than the Mets this century. 

You may not like the Mets because they are your rival or comically crazy shit happens to them every year ever since whatever black magic that allowed them to win Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, that's fine. But save your time complaining about an overpay for an owner that wouldn't look for $100 million if it fell between his couch cushions and he's going to keep spending until he gets a World Series like all the other rich people at the top of that net worth list. Unless there is no God, which I'm starting to think may be the case after the end of this last season.