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Get Ready For College Basketball With The Best Scorer In The Country

"The Ball is Tipped" ... 

Those words in "One Shining Moment" always gave me chills watching the final montage after the NCAA Championship game. Just an awesome song, which was lined up perfectly with the highlights. 

 "You're a shooting star" ... is paired with someone drilling a deep 3. 

"Just how hard you worked but now it shows" ... was paired with someone sweating or bleeding. 

"In the blinking of an eye Ah, that moment's gone" ... is paired with a kid in utter despair when his team loses. 

It's all fantastic and truly sums up the joy and pain of that tournament. 

A day like today is fantastic when "the ball is tipped". The opening of college basketball is such a fantastic day. ALL TIME. Everyone has their entire season in front of them. Everyone has the possibility of having a dream season. It's the best. As the season goes on more players will become stars, teams will come out of no where as Cinderella's. Teams will fight to make the tournament, and players will play their hearts out in what could be the last time they put on the uniform. It's the underrated best thing about college athletics, that these student athletes bleed, sweat, and compete everyday with the people they literally live with for 4 years. That bond is unmatched. It's a large part of why I love college athletics. 

One player who is not sneaking up on anyone is Caitlin Clark. She's a junior at Iowa who has led the nation in scoring back to back years. As a freshman she averaged 27 ppg with 8 rebounds and 8 assists per game, and as a sophomore she poured in 26.6 ppg, 5.9 rebounds per game, and 7 assists per game. She was a Second Team All American as a Freshman, and a First Team All American last year. The one award she hasn't been able to capture yet is Player Of The Year, but if you ask me she will be taking it home this year. The girl can flat out ball. 

Look at this range:

The amazing thing is as much as she scores, she plays team ball .. .the right way and should be someone young players looking to learn the game watch, as well as those who just love the game of basketball. I am always amazed at the way she passes the ball just as much as I am with the fact she can hit a shot from anywhere. 

My only advice to Caitlin… be great but be humble . No need to taunt and get technical fouls. 

Caitlin and the #4 Iowa Hawkeyes open today at 9:30 pm vs Southern, and her first televised game is Sunday at 3pm vs Drake on ESPN+. If you are marking your calendar for matchups where Clark plays the best in the country… 12/1 vs #10 NC St , and 12/7 vs #8 Iowa St. 

Keep pulling from deep CC ! We'll be watching.