Tua Tagovailoa Is The NFL MVP Through 9 Weeks

Those stats are really all you need to know, but let's not forget Tua missed 2 games this season with a bad head injury. If he doesn't get hurt this Dolphins team is 8-1 and he's been talked about as the QB in the league at this moment. Yes Josh Allen and Mahomes are more talented and still in the discussion, but what Tua has done is incredible. 

A lot of people clowned on Tyreek Hill at the beginning of the year saying how accurate Tua is and how the transition from Mahomes to him would be too hard to overcome. The very same Tyreek Hill is going to have over 2,000 yards receiving this year if he keeps up his pace, which is more than he ever had with Mahomes. Tua is going out, putting up 30 points a game, and helping make it look impossible to stop the Dolphins offense. He is ranked 1st in QBR, which is the most important stat a QB can have, and we all saw how much the Dolphins needed him when he was injured. Tua comes back from his injury and the Dolphins get right back on track. That is the exact definition of a MVP and the leader in the clubhouse. 

People get confused about MVP talk because Josh Allen may be better than Tua, but what Tua has done for the Dolphins this year is incredible, including beating Josh Allen and the Bills in Week 1. Without Tua, the Dolphins are a below average team and with him they are a Super Bowl contender. Eagles fans will probably get butt hurt about all this, but the Dolphins are better than the Eagles and are in the same category as Bills and Chiefs. It is hard to accept this but Tua is for real and currently your NFL MVP.