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I Can't Get Enough Of The Kid Who (Possibly) Stole The Pylon At LSU

LSU beat Alabama Saturday night in an absolute classic. Brian Kelly made the smart and ballsy choice to go for 2 to win the game. Mayhem ensued as fans rushed the field, but there was one thing that stood out as the videos started to pour in. 

The red headed kid who steals the pylon as a memory while running off is GOLD. That's everything that's great about college sports and you knew he planned that a few plays before. Saw his mark, made his move and executed it perfectly. 

That is in fact if he wasn't part of the staff. As commenters point, out he does have a credential around his shorts. If it was his job to pack up the pylons, it sure does take away the fun of the story. No official word as of yet if the kid was on the staff or not so here's to hoping he was some rich donors son and went rouge on the collectibles. If you are reading this out there and know the full story I don't even want to know it. I just want to live in a world where this kid went rogue. 

Either way I crack up at how the kid runs off celebrating. Can't get enough of it. 

Something about those red heads just being ELECTRIC on camera... dudes know how to deliver. 

Shoutout the GOAT ...