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#Somethings Are Bigger Than Sports: Houston Schools Are Closed On Monday So Hundreds Of Thousands Of Kids Can Attend The Astros World Series Parade

KHOU- As the Houston Astros prepare for Monday's World Series victory parade, several school districts have announced they're closing to let students and staff to celebrate the title. 

The following school districts and schools have posted about being closed.

  • Houston ISD
  • Aldine ISD
  • Alief ISD
  • Channelview ISD
  • Lamar Consolidated ISD
  • Fort Bend ISD
  • Harmony Public Schools
  • Houston Community College
  • Houston Christian University
  • KIPP Houston
  • Texas Southern University
  • University of St. Thomas
  • Yes Prep

The University of Houston said the school, including UH at Sugar Land and UH at Katy, will close Monday and resume normal operations and classes at 5 p.m. 

As a wise man once said, #somethings are bigger than sports, which the schools of the Greater Houston Area clearly understand. I can still feel the rush of joy in my gut simply thinking about when I would find out school was cancelled because we just got a foot of snow dumped on our asses. Listening to some shitty radio station you would never turn on, holding your breath as the DJ went from district to district, then going BONKERS when your school's name was read off was one of the true great joys of childhood. Especially if you didn't do your homework the night before because the weatherman said you were going to get hit with a storm.

As fun as all that was to experience, I couldn't imagine finding out I was off from school because my favorite baseball team just won the World Series. Just pure dopamine being poured on more dopamine in what is essentially a 72 hour high. Plus you don't have to shovel your driveway before having a snowball fight with your friends. That's a pretty sweet bonus.

The crazy shit is that all these Houston schools aren't closing for the first Astros World Series championship or even their first in a while considering they JUST won in 2017. I'm sure plenty of angry people shaking their fists in the sky and saying that the 2017 World Series shouldn't count because the Astros were beating the shit out of garbage cans. But until Rob Manfred takes that piece of metal away from the Astros, I am going to consider them the 2017 World Champions. Sorry if this offends.

I guess you can make a case that it's better to just cancel school so you don't have a ghost town full of just nerds at school while everyone with a cool parent gets to go to the parade. Add in the traffic nightmare that comes as schools let out mixing with the post parade crowd and this seems like it would be crazy NOT to cancel school. In fact, if you don't cancel school the day the local team has its championship parade, you are essentially a giant dickhead on par with Ed Rooney from Ferris Bueller's Day Off and should probably be fired from your job.

Giphy Images.

Rooney was such a creep for being OBSESSED with a high school kid, but the actor was an elite 80s villain with an all-time punchable face

Regardless, good work by the great people of Houston and even better work by the Astros, who made the lives of my fellow Mets fans much easier by taking care of business in the ALCS and the World Series.