The Raiders Have Not Caught Nearly Enough Shit For Being A Garbage Football Team

I don't know how to put it. The Raiders fucking stink. I know we like to make fun of the Broncos (Russ) for being trash this year. I know we like to make fun of the Packers for being garbage. I know we like to make fun of the Bucs (Cheah) for being bad. But the Raiders aren't even close to those teams. They are that bad and somehow they have escaped catching a bunch of shit.

I tried to figure out why. Could it be Mark Davis? Could it be it's the Raiders? Could it be that we just forgot that they exist? Because way more people should be publicly talking about them as an embarrassment. We just sort of mention they lost to the Jags and move on. 

However they are now 2-6 and their offense is 'please run far and a lot, Josh Jacobs.' It makes you forget that they have Davante Adams while somehow Derek Carr keeps showing amazingly mediocre he is at quarterback. Actually Adams is the first person to really speak up about how bad it is: 

[Source] - "There's no reason why we should be losing games like this, and it's frustrating," Adams said at his locker after a lengthy talk with Carr. "If we played for a s---ty team, then it's one thing. But that's not what it is."

I mean ... he's right. There's no reason to blow a 17-0 lead to the Jags. There's no reason to lose 24-0 to the Saints. Look at this!

 It's just all atrocious. Remember this team was decent a year ago, even made the playoffs! But now it's time to look at what they have. I also understand that Renfrow/Waller have been banged up this year, but that's not a big enough reason to be 2-6. 

Now we have a truly epic battle to watch. Who gets fired first in year 1. Hackett or McDaniels? Basically like Elway vs Gannon. Just impressive all the way around that in a league where someone sneezes and it gets reported by every single site the Raiders are flying under the radar. Specifically flying under the radar for being a dog shit football team.