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In The Wake Of Patrick Mahomes' Latest Magical Comeback, Let's Make Sure We Don't Take This Dude For Granted

On a night where Patrick Mahomes threw SIXTY-EIGHT TIMES, you probably wouldn't believe it'd be his legs that made the difference...but that's just what this dude does. He's unbelievable. The arm talent is off the charts, and when everything is covered, Mahomes can really scoot when he wants to!

Once Mahomes' running willed Kansas City to overtime, it was some crafty work in the pocket and then on the perimeter to hit Travis Kelce and Noah Gray on some wild-ass chunk pass plays that you can see in the highlights below.

That set up Harrison Butker's eventual winning field goal. The Titans got one more possession but stalled in their own territory and turned it over on downs.

You have to wonder what might've happened if Ryan Tannehill could've played for Tennessee instead of overwhelmed rookie Malik Willis. The Titans' defense played their absolute guts out for 60 minutes and then some. They held their own in the fourth quarter in coverage. It was just a matter of Mahomes making shit happen.

I don't know if most quarterbacks make the type of clutch plays we just saw from Mahomes in roughly a quarter's worth of actual game time in an entire season. For all the extraordinary plays Mahomes makes on a regular basis, it's easy to kind of brush it off, maybe even get bored by it if you hate the Chiefs, or just flat-out not appreciate it enough. This is my plea to not do so. We're witnessing history and Mahomes is an extremely likable superstar to boot!

Much to the dismay of the rest of the NFL, though, Mahomes does have a killer instinct. He and the Chiefs have made it clear once again they're going absolutely nowhere. 

Fun fact with a hat tip to Schefty: This is now the 23rd consecutive start Mahomes has won in November and December games. WTF. Just think about that for a second. If you've been a Kansas City fan for the past two-plus seasons, little did you know before you hit that critical juncture of the schedule, you could sit back, relax with the knowledge that "HA. Yeah, we're not even gonna lose once." 

Ridiculous. Again, do not take Patrick Mahomes for granted.

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