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The Officials In Today's Bears Dolphins Game Should All Be Under Investigation For Swallowing Their Whistles On The Bears' Final Drive And Not Calling Pass Interference

Chicago Tribune - For a young Bears team, those kinds of situational experiences should prove invaluable to the maturation process. Eventually all judgments will hinge upon how the Bears and their offense respond to those game-on-the-line moments.

“We have to find a way to put together a drive there,” running back Khalil Herbert said. “Everybody in here feels the same way.”

Added Kmet: “We had opportunities, man. Since I’ve been here, the defense has always been picking us up. You want to have a chance where the offense picks the defense up. This was our chance today and we didn’t do it.”

Yes, there was a Fields deep shot to Chase Claypool that fell incomplete on the final drive after Dolphins cornerback Keion Crossen pulled Claypool backward from the waist before the ball arrived.

Officials missed that one.

“After I saw it on the (video) board, it was definitely (pass interference),” Fields said. “For sure.”

Added Claypool: “Justin threw me a good ball to give me a chance. I felt like I was getting pulled back a little bit. But you still have to try and fight through that.”

I'm not the Bears guy by any means, but since nobody else around here is going to say it I am. 

Are you fucking kidding me?

Giphy Images.

Remember earlier in the season when the Bears got flagged for this?

The league has owed the Bears a makeup call for this since then. You would think watching a guy get mugged like Chase Claypool did on this heave from Fields would be the easiest home-cooking flag we'd see all day.

But nope.

Here's another angle.

The balls on the officials to not throw a flag on this play, IN SOLDIER FIELD, with the Bears flying for the first time in ages, the fans all juiced up, excited to see capable quarterback play for the first time in their lives, is astounding. 

Which is why they should all be investigated. You know how we march players, who would rather be waterboarded than speak to the media after a hard-fought game, up in front of microphones after a tough loss? Let's start doing it with officials. Letting these fucks off the hook, without having to give any explanation as to how dog shit they performed, why they decided as they did, etc. is bullshit, and to be frank, extremely outdated.

Letting them stand behind stiffs like Dean Blandino, who issue some half-ass apology on Tuesday or Wednesday, after a "thorough review", is a joke. 

The Bears just traded away their two captains and the lifeblood of their team. They should be completely deflated and mailing it in. Instead, Justin Field put the team on his back today and almost pulled a horseshoe out of his ass. He would have if not for this horseshit today.

p.s. - I'm not drinking the Justin Fields kool-aid like my Chicago colleagues, by any means. He's still got a long, long, long way to go development-wise. Yes he was electric today, but his decision-making is still pretty bad, his arm's not great, and if he keeps running the way he did today, thinking he's still in college, he's going to be on IR so fast his head will spin. 

That said, I've lived in Chicago long enough to feel terrible for tortured Bears fans. Today was such a ray of hope. Fields looked amazing. 

Yah he only threw for 123 yards, but he didn't make horrible decisions and most importantly, didn't turn the ball over. It's all about baby steps and this is definitely another performance he can build upon. If the Bears didn't blow their load in their Super Bowl against New England, then trade their stud the day after, only to totally no-show in Dallas, and then get hosed on this call today, we're possibly looking at 3 solid wins in a row for this young Bears team.

Fields even had Miami's Mike McDanielsasking him to please stop running wild all over his guys today.

'p.p.s. - commenter @CousinKyle mentioned this and I had to look it up because I didn't see it earlier. I couldn't believe my eyes. This is outrageous.