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Tom Brady Wills The Bucs Back Into The Playoff Picture With A Last Second Game Winning Drive

Chris O'Meara. Shutterstock Images.

The Bucs came in today having lost five of their last six games. Their once promising season was in a tailspin and they needed a win today to try and save their playoff hopes. Things looked bleak after being held to a Field Goal to start and then giving up a deep touchdown to Cooper Kupp.

The Bucs ran the ball better today, but still could not sustain drive that would finish with touchdowns. In fact, for 59+ minutes, the Bucs hadn't scored a touchdown. Down 13-9, in the 4th Quarter, they got down inside the 10 yard line with three minutes left and could not come away with a touchdown. A horrific drop was definitely a missed opportunity.

But then it came down to 4th down.

Things looked essentially dead at that point. The Bucs had just used a timeout, so just had two remaining. But the defense stood up and the Bucs got the ball back with :44 seconds left and no timeouts from their own 32 yard line. 

Brady wasted no time going up the seam to Cade Otton for 28 yards flipping the field to the Rams 32 yard line. From there he strategically dinked and dunked to within striking distance and then it happened.

The view from the gambling cave was pure jubilation.

The Bucs finally won a game and are now in 1st place on in the rough and tumble NFC South at 4-5. 

We go on to play Seattle next week in Germany before heading into the bye and if we could get a win overseas to go to 5-5 all bets are off and we could be fully BACK! Looking forward to breaking down the tape this week and thank goodness we got a win! Go Bucs!