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Season's Over: Aaron Rodgers And The Packers Really Just Went Out And Lost To The Lions To Extend Their Losing Streak To FIVE GAMES

Mike Mulholland. Getty Images.

3-6 and a 5 game losing streak. You honestly couldn't have crafted a more nightmare situation than what the Packers have in front of them right now. Rodgers just tied his career high with 3 interceptions and hell of a lot more misses on top of that.

 I don't see any way where the season isn't lost at this point. Even with a win today this wasn't going anywhere, let's be real. If you watch the games you know they weren't close to a contender, but my god they really just went out and lost to the Lions. 

NINE POINTS scored on the fucking Detroit Lions. Shutout in the first half! Treating Detroit's defense like they're the 85 Bears when in reality they entered today on pace to give up the most points in NFL history. It's all really fucking bad which I'm sure is music to a lot of peoples' ears. The throws from Rodgers were terrible all day. 

Diehard Packers fan Lil Wayne has chimed in. 

For real, what do you do with this team moving forward? Rodgers just got his money and GM Brian Gutekunst was extended before the season started (MISTAKE). They decided to hang onto their draft capital at the deadline instead of bringing in someone like DJ Moore, Darren Waller, or Chase Claypool, all of whom they had interest in and made offers on. Right now they hold the number 8 pick in the draft as you're three game below .500. The team is going nowhere and you have a quarterback on the doorstep of retirement, although wouldn't it be fitting as most fans want him gone that's when he decides to keep going? 

Honestly the right move would probably be to play Jordan Love the rest of the way and see what you have. I don't see them benching Rodgers until they're mathematically eliminated so I guess they'll continue to try and salvage this somehow because the contracts dictate that decision. Realistically this ship is flooded and gonna be at the bottom of the ocean in no time. Say Jordan Love is as bad as we've seen in the past, well that will only help your draft pick situation and make the decision clearer. Maybe somehow you get in a position to draft a Stroud or Bryce Young? Dark times ahead for the Green and Gold.