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The New York Jets Have Beaten The Super Bowl Favorites Bills

I don't know how it happened. 

But it did. 

The Jets have beaten the Buffalo Bills in a game I 100% would not have predicted.

The defense was absolutely electric all game long. 

I haven't seen Josh Allen look like that since his 2nd year. That has everything to do with Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich. I didn't believe in them. I did not see the vision. Now? I see the light. 

Mike LaFleur? What a goddamn game of play calling. He put Zach Wilson in the right situations all game. Zach still has a long way to go, but he did what was required today to win the game. 

After a week of massive criticism, Zach Wilson responded. He should be celebrated for that. 

James Robinson has already proven worth the trade. Michael Carter is actually HIM. Somehow we sit here in November and Zach Wilson is 5-1 as a starter. Two full weeks to enjoy this one thanks to a bye. After that we are looking at:

-@ Patriots


-@ Vikings

-@ Bills



-@ Seahawks

-@ Dolphins

Need at least 4 wins to make the playoffs. It's not gonna be easy. Until next time…..Jet Up: