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The Packers Are So Lost On Offense That Aaron Rodgers Just Threw a Red Zone Interception On 4th and Goal While Targeting OT David Bakhtiari

Not sure a play sums up the 2022 Green Bay Packers offense more than that play above. 4th and goal and Aaron Jones finally checks in after inexplicably not being involved on any of the other goal-to-go plays. What happens? The ball goes to offensive tackle David Bakhtiari and gets intercepted. It's the first time in Rodgers' career he's thrown two red zone picks in a game. The millionth time this offense has been shutout in the first quarter. It's all so comically bad. 

Don't get me wrong this was a great play by Aidan Hutchinson no question, but what the fuck are we doing? First of all the ball doesn't even get to 69 there. Even if Hutchinson isn't there I'm pretty sure it falls short incomplete. Shit pass by Rodgers. Also, you get down there on a great play by Allen Lazard and just ignore him afterwards. Dillon gets stuffed twice and Sammy Watkins runs the wrong route on the other. No thought to give Aaron Jones the ball whatsoever, but you give Bak a look??? It's almost at the point LaFleur has something against Jones. Get him the fucking ball. What a nightmare season that may very well hit its rock bottom with a loss to Detroit that would make it 5 straight.