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Mattress Mack Won $75 MILLION Betting On The Houston Astros, The Largest Legal Payout In Sports Betting History

Not sure how much he made off of us, but good for him. Seventy-five MILLION dollars for putting his nuts on the table. I feel like he was due for a win too. He lost $10 million on the Super Bowl last year and whiffed on the Astros in 2021. Here's what he had to say...

Source - "I have no fear in me," Mack said before the big win on Nov. 1, while giving away mattresses in Atlantic City to military personnel, veterans and first responders at Harrah's casino. "I have a high tolerance for risk. If I lose, there's always another day."

Mack has a long history of large bets on the World Series, Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four tournament. He links the bets to try to cover the cost of promotions at his mattress store in Houston; Now that the Astros won this year, customers who bought high-end mattresses will get their money back.

He figures he's up "probably a couple million net" in the six or so years he has been making large bets on sports championships.

So congrats to Mack on the win and an even bigger congrats to Tiko Texas who dominated the stream with Smitty and the Philly guys last night. If you didn't catch it, here's all you need to know...




The Anus Boys were also boots on the ground in Houston after the game getting fan reactions…

That's all I have to say for this one. Check out all our Astros merch below. Have a lovely Sunday.