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Nikola Jokic Unleashed What Is Perhaps The Most Insane And Mind-Bending Dime Of The Early NBA Season

Bart Young. Getty Images.

There are moments you find yourself in as you watch basketball games where your brain can't really comprehend what you're eyes are seeing. Sometimes it can be a gravity defying Ja Morant dunk, sometimes it's a killer crossover, sometimes it's everything Victory Wembanyama does on a basketball court, the possibilities are endless.

One of my personal favorites is simply watching Nikola Jokic do shit with a basketball that doesn't seem possible for any player, let alone a center. Mind-bending passes that truly make you stop in your tracks and last night was one of those nights. I want you to take a second and watch this pass and try and tell me it makes a lick of sense

How? Honestly, how does one pull this off? Look at the passing lane Jokic is working with when he fires that thing off

How is it possible that not s single Spurs player gets in front of that? I'm not even saying they intercept the pass either. There wasn't even a deflection and everyone is looking right at Jokic!

Maybe I'm just a sucker for awesome passing, but for my money elite passing highlights are one of the best things the NBA gives us. There's nothing like executing a perfect pass, and that goes up about 10 billion levels when it's a play like this. There's a reason Jokic is so special, and his passing is obviously very high on that list

He's not flashy, it's not a loud play like a poster dunk or something like KD's crossover the other night. But the insaneness of that pass is just as high. The vision it requires, the display of elite basketball IQ, the strength it takes to deliver the ball with that type of speed, the accuracy, it's all tremendous. I could watch Jokic pass the ball until my eyes bleed because he's that rare of an offensive talent at his position. We're not even seeing guards at the NBA level have this type of vision. 


That was just one play that went into Jokic's 21/6/10 on 9-10 shooting performance in the Nuggets blowout win over SA to bring them to 6-3

and the good news for Nuggets fans is that both Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr are looking more and more like their old selves. It goes without saying how important that is considering they are the #2 and #3 options for the Nuggets who remain perfect at home and right in the thick of things out West to start the season.

My guess is now that Jokic has all these offensive weapons back around him on the floor, we're going to see passes like this on a nightly basis. I promise you that just when you think he won't be able to pull off anything crazier or more impressive, do not count Jokic out. He's a wizard with the basketball who has eyes in the front/back/side of his head. 

The best part is there's absolutely no part of him that gives a shit about that pass. To him it's normal and no big deal. But I can assure him, it's as special as special gets.