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Our Pal Eric Dier Continues To Be The Best Recruiter In Sports - This Time Getting Engaged To Anna Modler

What can't Eric Dier do! The man has helped Tottenham get off to a decent start in the the Premier League - 3rd right now, long way to go. He's helped get us out of group stage in Champions League. He's recruited Dave Portnoy to our fanbase which we know there's good luck when that happens: 

All great. Hell, I would even give him the benefit of the doubt and say Dier landed Perisic and Richarlison as well. But that's not the point here. The point is giving a big time congrats to our pal. He got engaged to Anna Modler, who we've blogged about before here

Good luck making jokes about Tottenham not having a trophy or rings now. Point, us. This is where the season turns around. Right before the World Cup break. A staple in your starting XI gets engaged. That's the reversal we're looking for. That's how we turn an 8-point deficit to Arsenal around. That's how we get a good draw in the Round of 16. 

So congrats, Eric. Get a win today.