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Baseball Guy: Dusty Baker Was Writing Notes In His Scorebook Instead Of Watching The Final Out Of His First World Series Championship

A lot of great footage coming out from the Astros World Series celebrations but this one may be my favorite. Camera is lined up right behind Dusty Baker and his coaching staff for the final out. The second the ball is fouled off by Nick Castellanos everyone starts prepping to celebrate. They grab someone, try to get the best look at the final out, and are ready to celebrate. What does Dusty do? The man who has been so close so many times just puts his head and and starts scribbling in a his scorebook.

Dusty's just an old school Baseball Guy. A creature of habit. Who cares that he just won the World Series? He had to mark everything perfectly in his scorebook and make the game complete. I don't know any baseball fans who aren't Dusty Baker fans. Even if you were rooting for Philly, I don't think you're too upset seeing a baseball lifer like Dusty win it all. Then of course he got mobbed and had to hold onto the net for dear life because his guys were so pumped for him. What a great moment for a great baseball guy.