Tennessee Fans Leaked Stetson Bennett’s Phone Number Last Night And He Trolled Them With His Touchdown Celebration

College football fans are absolutely brutal, especially Tennessee fans because they haven't had this much relevance in a really long time. They are the team that is always hyped up every year and never win a big game. So this year the fans took it in their own hands. They said how can we get an edge on the game without us being there and somehow they ended up getting Stetson Bennetts phone number then letting the world have it. 

Tennessee fans are so dumb though because all that did was motivate Stetson even more to fuck you up and while I am writing this he just threw a dime for 37 yards for a touchdown. All he has to do is get a new phone number and turn that old one off. That isn't that bad. Pulling the fire alarm or doing something where he can't sleep could’ve made him tired. But you just made this man want to beat the shit out of your team even more. I get it though, these fans knew they had no chance whatsoever and it was a desperation move. It backfired so I hope it was worth it.