Bert Kreischer Has A Real Chance At The LIV Tour With This Golf Swing

The reason I went with the LIV Tour is because they need to make it more interesting and I am pretty sure they allow their players to drink on the course, which Bert needs after he just finished Sober October. I am not sure if Bert is just good at golf but I do the same thing when I hit a good shot. You have to act like you meant to hit it closer to the hole and be mad at a beautiful shot then act like you do it all the time. I feel like we would be a good duo on the golf course because he would laugh at my freak outs and when I throw the clubs.

Breaking down his swing though, it looked fucking beautiful. He has a little leg kick and for a man who loves his belly, you would think it would get in the way. But it just gave him more power and would keep doing so after he took his shirt off by the 3rd hole.

The LIV tour really does need to mix it up a little bit. I think they need to involve more shit talking and take the common man golf route instead of what they are doing. There was an original draw and I like how they are trying to pay everyone 1 billion dollars. But my idea is to make it a scramble. They kinda have a teams thing going now and in the scramble you would have 3 amazing pro golfers and a 4th golfer that is a celebrity. You don't ever have to use their ball or their putt. But when you do, it will go viral on social media and people will be talking about it. I feel like LIV has lost a lot of buzz, so I think they need Bert, his beautiful swing, and his belly.