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Vladimir Guerrero Jr - "I Like to Play in New York, I Like to Kill the Yankees. I Would Never Sign With The Yankees"

Hits just keep on coming for the Yankees. They were on pace for like 146 wins before they collapsed down the stretch, got swept in the ALCS, and are probably going to bring back their entire loser coaching staff and loser GM. Now we have Vladimir Guerrero Jr doing interviews where he is saying he would NEVER sign with the Yankees, even if he was dead. This is why he's a fan favorite, he speaks the truth! Guy wouldn't sign with the Yankees even if there was a fire, hit the road NY! Before you had players doing whatever they could to get to NY and get in those pinstripes, now the best players in the game are saying "nah, kick rocks." He isn't wrong either, he kills the Yankees. 13 homers, 72 hits, 14 doubles, slashing .289/.346/.518 in 65 games vs the Yankees. Why wouldn't he want to keep mashing against them? Those 13 homers are the second most vs any team, he's going to feast off these guys for years to come. So sorry Yankee fans, this will be one free agent you don't have to try and woo, he's already said he's out. Hate to see it.