Another Kyrie Irving Suspension! This Time It's Nike Taking A Break From Him And Not Releasing His New Shoes


The statement in part excerpt from Shams above pretty much says it all. If you've paid any mind to the sports news cycle of late, you know Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving has submerged his foot in his mouth as deeply as any professional athlete in modern history. 

And what a shame it is. I'm being both disingenuous and genuine there. 

No, I feel absolutely no compassion for Kyrie having his Nike endorsement halted because he's a total self-righteous idiot with such a warped superiority complex who doesn't know his ass from his elbow when it comes to vetting any source of knowledge. Diminishing this fuckhead's platform and influence for the time being until he comes to his senses (if that ever occurs) is a no-brainer. I imagine any other major sponsors of Kyrie's — if he has any who've tolerated his bullshit to this point — will follow suit in some form or fashion.

I've written this about Kyrie before, though. It does suck that someone who does great work in the community like he has and is so talented at basketball — which can be a really positive thing and an inspiration to so many — keeps sabotaging himself at every single fucking turn of his career. He just got yet another head coach fired in Steve Nash, and he has basically nothing to show for his professional life except for a lot of money ever since he opted out of being LeBron James' sidekick in Cleveland.

Kyrie did issue an apology about what he's said recently but how sincere it was is unclear, considering it had a typo in it. But hey, Kyrie is only a human being just like everyone else, right?

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