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Today's Brain-Breaking Victor Wembanyama Highlight May Be The Most Absurd One We've Seen Yet And Every NBA Team That Isn't A Contender Should Start Tanking For Him RIGHT NOW

BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. I know that headline seems like hyperbole but I feel like it may be the truth, even though I think every Victor Wembanyama highlight is the best I've seen yet, and what appears to be the chat on the scoreboard agrees.

10x indeed

I mean what the fuck are you supposed to do when a 7'4" guy is looking to snatch your ankles then decides to just drop a floater from behind the arc in your eye? I'm sure there will be a time when I get used to seeing him pull out moves that would seem absurd even if you saw them in 2K just like when Steph Curry broke my brain one Vine at a time (bring it back, Elon). However until that day comes, I'm going to keep watching his highlights and belly laughing like a hillbilly because the big French guy shattered my medulla oblangata again.

I know a bunch of Knicks fans have been rallying to have Tom Thibodeau fired since he doesn't seem to be coaching up their flawed roster by once again refusing to play the kids. But Thibs just may be exactly what's necessary for them to finally get the number 1 pick and land the superstar we've all been dying to see in orange and blue for years.