Is It Normal For An Unnanmed 40+ (Bald) Social Media "Manager" To Wake Up At 2:30 In The Afternoon?

Now listen I know time differences. If this was truly in Vegas and not just posted for social media clout similar to telling a table of women it's your bottle service not your bosses in hopes of elevating your social profile, than 2:30 Eastern is 11:30 am Vegas time. 

But the point still remains... Is this what hair loss does to men? Make them sleep later? 

Is this what old age does to men? Make them sleep later? 

Is this what being a "manager" of a social media team who hires and retweets accounts with agendas to make their employees like shit (yes you Clubhouse) does to people? Makes them sleep later? 

If so, I think maybe it's time we help this unnamed manager with his sleep patterns. We can't be a top media company with geezers sleeping on the job. If we're nickel and diming the counting of the everyday soldiers blogs and output, who's counting the sleep timing of the clout chasing managers? 

Again, this is an unnamed manager. But I urge everyone to go get their rest and set 2 alarms if you have trouble waking up, especially if you were out late in the clubs you are too old to attend. 

Also go buy a hoodie ...