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FOOTBALL GUY: Brian Daboll Admitted That The Briefcase He Carried During His Infamous Truck Arrival Video Was Empty And He HATED Wearing A Suit

So this video went viral when Brian Daboll officially arrived into our lives back in January when fans of bad NFL teams were so starved for football, team accounts were just showing new hires show up to work for the first time after Black Monday wiped out their old coaches and GMs. 

It was love at first sight for me, since the Giants hired a coach that had experience developing a young quarterback into a franchise QB as well as an Alpha that drove a pickup truck with more towing capacity than you can ever imagine with Hemis dripping out his ass (I'm still not sure what Hemis are).

However I wrote that the one beef I had with the arrival was that my football team's new football coach did not dress like a football guy.

Do I wish Daboll left the cab of that truck with some Giants-issued hoodie and sweats on instead of some monkey suit? Of course. But like everything else that's wrong with the Giants, I am just going to blame the Maras for forcing it on him while knowing he clearly can't wait to throw that suit in the garbage then switch to football casual clothing so he can lead the fuck out of men with his X's, O's, and more Deez Nutz jokes than you can imagine. Nick Sirianni is definitely shaking as he sees this while drinking his morning green tea.

Well wouldn't you know it, today Daboll admitted that the brief case was empty, he couldn't WAIT to get his suit off, and it was all the idea of Giants PR Czar Pat Hanlon.

The Giants may have a bye this week but I still feel like we just picked up another win because that right there is the sound of a true football coach. Fuck your fancy suit and your brief case prop. Coach Daboll just wants to get in the building wearing some comfy clothes so he can start X'ing and O'ing teams to death. There's a reason the first place 5-2 Tennessee Titans only have two losses. They faced the juggernaut Super Bowl favorite Bills and they faced Brian Daboll's Giants when he had a whole offseason to prepare for them.

You know what the best part of Brian Daboll is outside of him having an empty briefcase, hating suits, and leading a team of Dave Gettleman's scraps to a 6-2 record? The fact he doesn't have any hair to slick back if he leads the Giants to a surprise playoff appearance his first year on the job and sell out everything that made him a household name in the Tri-State Area.

I didn't think I could love Brian Daboll more when we hired him. But we keep peeling back layers of his awesomeness every week from his locker room dances to his victory stogies to him being a common man that hates corporate attire as much as he loves football and deez nuts jokes. 

Time to buy a shirt and start dreaming of the playoffs again because we finally have a true leader behind the wheel of Big Blue.


P.S. Shout out the Daboll Arriving Twitter account for putting together gems like this as our Pigskin Lord & Savior arrives to songs as wonderful as He is.

h/t McBat