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3 Days. That's How Long It Took Before Dr Disrespect Uninstalled Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

3 Days. Honestly, I'm impressed that Doc made it that far in just playing Modern Warfare 2. My initial guess was 5 hours max and he absolutely told me to shove it.

Overall, I think MW2 is a really solid Call of Duty. I'm not really sure how to make Call of Duty better in today's gaming world, while also trying to make it the best possible experience for casual gamers. In all honesty, multiplayer Call of Duty is not the same it was during OG MW2 days and it'll NEVER be that way. People want battle royales. They want to feel something for a win, not just sweating a domination match for 12 minutes.

After 24 hours of uninstalling, Doc is back on MW2 today and I can't wait to see how this goes!

In terms of MW2 content, I've been trying to make videos to help you guys become better MW2 players or just explain certain topics/items etc. I'm posting new videos every day on my YouTube channel! Today's video was focused on why you should use scorestreaks > killstreaks. Oh yeah, you're able to use Scorestreaks in MW2, I felt like this was a hidden easter egg because CoD never talked about it.

Here's how to enable it:

And here are my favorite streaks:

I'll link the most helpful videos I've made in Modern Warfare 2 down below: