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Zach Bryan Played At Red Rocks Last Night And It Looks Like A Religious Experience With The Snow Falling Down

For the first time in history posting a story of a concert isn't annoying. I know I am HUGE stan for Zach Bryan. You might even be tired of me blogging him at this point, but I don't care. These videos popped up on my tiktok as I was laying in bed in the dark this morning and it made the hair on my neck stand up. Literally. Those songs, that voice, that location, and the heavens opening up. I would've given anything to be in Red Rocks last night. You know it's a powerful moment when the weather is absolutely miserable and nobody cares. They actually embrace it. Caught in a fog of snow, smoke, and the breath of 9000 people singing in unison. Absolutely spectacular and something that probably will never be recreated. A once in a lifetime experience for those people and for Zach Bryan and the band. 

Full from last night...snow