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Home Field Advantage: Lazio's Manager Claims Opposing Fans Threw Bags Of Piss At Their Bench

This checks out for European soccer. You think you can just get to Feyenoord and not keep your head on a swivel for bags of piss? Good luck. But the bigger point here is the fact people are just sitting around with bags of piss. No thank you. I'm a grown man and if I have to pee I won't piss in a bag or a bottle. Side of the road? Sure. Golf courses? Almost every hole. But at a sporting event, I'll be an adult and go to the bathroom. I'm not spraying pee anywhere and then launching it at opposing bench. That's just disgusting where I come from. 

Hard to argue that it worked. Feyenoord got the win. Even more importantly, the 1-0 win for Feyenoord meant everyone in their group had 8 points and Lazio was eliminated. Brutal beat. But Fenyenoord won the group, so maybe there's something to this sort of act. 

Now that said, I have a problem here. If you get hit or if you're in the area of a launched bag of piss, you have to fight. Go full malice at the Palace and go into the stands. You can't sit around and pretend like nothing is happening. You can't sit there and just tattle tale to the ref. No, you take actions into your own hands and either launch a bag of piss back to the stands or go fight. Eye for an eye type shit. Then again, not sure if I want to scrap with someone in this group: 

I'm begging you, everyone, please stop throwing bags of piss at people.