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WATCH: Potential Leaked Audio From Georgia Practice Confirms Kirby Smart Is Scared Shitless Of Tennessee

Uh ohhhhhhh. I don't know how the whole week went, but it sounds like at least part of Georgia's preparations for Tennessee didn't go according to plan.

Kirby Smart sounds PRESSED in that video. Like a man who knows deep down that the offense rolling into Athens on Saturday afternoon is unlike any he's ever seen before.

"Kelee (Ringo), all this finger-pointing bullshit? Every other team in America, you know what they do? They say, 'It's his fault! It's his fault! It's his fault!' Why do they (Tennessee) get fucking layups? Because people don't concentrate! We're trying to simulate this shit like a game and y'all won't cover shit!"

Covering Tennessee's receivers seems like a pretty crucial part of the game if the Bulldogs intend to be the first team to beat the Vols this year. It would really be a shame for Jalin Hyatt to run right past Ringo and the rest of UGA's secondary like he has done to pretty much every other team Tennessee has played.

I'm sure Kirby is only that concerned, though, because he's a perfectionist and everyone else in college football is just as certain as he is that the Dawgs will be the team to shut Tennessee down.

ESPN — ESPN spoke to a total of 15 head coaches, assistants, NFL scouts and staffers about Tennessee, UGA and Alabama as a way to break down both the season's top game and handicap the SEC race. Perhaps a surprise to some, a majority of the coaches -- but certainly not all -- picked Tennessee to win at Georgia despite being an 8-point underdog.

"I won't be surprised if Tennessee scores 50," one coach said. "Georgia's front is average. Their back end is below average. They really miss William Poole [who left the team early in September]. I don't think their corners are special. The [Kelee] Ringo kid, he doesn't run nearly as well as you'd expect. The others are just OK. They're going to run right by those corners."

Ah! Whoops!

I guess we'll see how it all shakes out tomorrow. I hope Kirby got his defense sufficiently ready in the time since they couldn't cover shit!