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If You're Going To Be A Jackass Who Runs Onto The Field During The World Series, You At Least Need To Give A Better Effort Than This

There are very few things in the world which are lamer than the idiot who runs out onto the field during a sports game. That guy is without a doubt always one of the top 5 worst people you know. It's such an "I have absolutely nothing going on in my life right now and I just desperately need people to acknowledge my existence" type of behavior. Your parents didn't love you enough when you were a kid so now you're hoping that running out onto the field will get at least one person to tell you that they're proud of you. Newsflash, everybody hates you. There's nothing funny about it, there's nothing creative about it, there's nothing interesting about it. 

Really the only possible entertainment value it could produce is if it's at least impressive. Like if you take off and evade a swath of security guards, leaving them all tumbling over behind you like dominos. If you're actually able to achieve the getaway and not get dragged off the field like a sack of potatoes by cops and security. That takes athleticism. That takes strategy. That takes a knack for showmanship. This asshole last night at the Phillies game had none of the above. 

I mean what was the plan here? Did he really think he was going to be able to hop over the left field fence? The way this kid was moving out there it looked like he never made it past JV anything. So I don't know what type of athleticism he thinks he has, but he sure as shit overestimated it. He also underestimated how much the home crowd would hate him. He probably wasn't expecting to take a half-full beer to the dome on his way out. But that's what is going to happen when you're a clown who decides to run onto the field while Alvarado is pitching in the middle of a 1-run ballgame in game 5 of the World Series. How stupid do you have to be? I'm surprised there was only one beer thrown at his skull. But then again, if you were spending a few thousand on seats then you probably don't want to waste any of a $14 beer. 

Phils in 7

Sidenote: Bring back the taser.