Shocking Development: Report Comes Out Saying Gonzaga Is In Talks To Join The Big 12, Bob Huggins Promptly Talks Shit

Come on, Bob. I know you're old school. I know we all love you. But Gonzaga could play in the Big 12 no problem. The only people who think this are basically people who only watch college basketball in March. Gonzaga is 26-9 all-time against the Big 12. Now, sure, they aren't playing night-in and night-out. But 26-9 is 26-9. It's not like you can cherry pick stats when this history is out there.

I never understood where all the hate for Gonzaga came from. They are incredibly fun to watch. They are damn good. They've made Final Fours and gotten to the title game. Somehow they went from fun underdog to everyone claiming they choke all the time. I know it's how people operate and society works, but it never made sense from a college basketball sense. 

I said it before but I want Gonzaga in the Big 12 more than anything now. It makes the most sense. I hate conference realignment. I want to go back to the 9-team ACC. The old Big East. All that good stuff. But we can't go back in time, so at least give me Gonzaga in the Big 12. That conference would be awesome to watch every night with Houston, Gonzaga, Kansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Texas, etc. I think it's safe to say Gonzaga would still be fine. They'd still be a favorite for a 1 seed because they recruit at a high level and have NBA talent. 

I also want this to happen just so we can stop with the Gonzaga takes. Very few things piss me off more as someone who loves college basketball than someone not knowing who plays for Gonzaga the standard take of Gonzaga plays nobody. They don't deserve a 1 seed. They aren't good. Just admit you don't watch the sport. Just admit you're looking for a reason to hate on them. 

That said just mic up Bob Huggins at all time.