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"I'm Forgiven For Your First Super Bowl? Fuck You" -- Howie Roseman Is Getting Cocky And I Love It

The biggest sporting event that took place last night between teams from Philadelphia and Houston was the 7-0 Philadelphia Eagles traveling down to take care of the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football. I can't think of a single other sporting event that would have occurred during the same time between teams from the same cities. 

But anyway. At one point throughout the night, Howie Roseman was down on the field making his rounds and he came across a fan holding this sign. 

Howie Roseman catches a ton of heat for some big time misses in the draft. Over the years there have been plenty of times when entire days on sports talk radio were flooded with fans calling in to fire Howie. I'll admit that perhaps Philly fans can be a little too emotional at times and strictly focus on the now, instead of stepping back and taking a rational look at an entire body of work. Because Howie's body of work speaks for itself. He assembled a Super Bowl winning roster, and he's not going to let some putz who just spent $8.97 at Staples to make that sign think that Howie Roseman needs his forgiveness. 

"I'm fucking forgiven for your first fucking Super Bowl? Fuck you" - Howie Roseman. Print the shirts!

Talk that shit, Howie! Literally the biggest moment in Philly sports history and Howie Roseman is the one who orchestrated it. He's not the one who needs any forgiveness. If anything, it should be the other way around. We should hope that Howie forgives all of us. A Super Bowl. AJ Brown. The best start in franchise history so far at 8-0 this season. So what if he's struck out on a few draft picks? We all owe our lives to Howie, and he knows it. That's a dangerous man right now about to let loose. 

P.S. - Heard there was a baseball game last night as well. Weird. Go Birds.