Phillies Lose 3-2 In Game 5 And Now It's Do Or Die Heading Into Houston

It sucks, man. It This team of destiny hits 5 dingers to go up 2-1 in the series, gets no-hit to even the round, and then follows it up by leaving, checks notes, a ZILLION runners on base with 2 outs to lose Game 5 by 1 run, 3-2. It really does just suck. 

Schwarber donked a lead off dinger. Syndagaard mostly did his job by pitching 3 innings and thru the lineup once and gave up 1 run until being trotted out in the 4th (I get what Topper was doing only having him face Pena but sharts it didn't work out). And Bryce got on base 3 out of 5 times. Other than that? We got a clutch hit by Jimmy Cigs and that's about it. Brandon Marsh had a runner on 3rd with 1 out in the 8th and couldn't get it home. Rhys struck out with 2 outs early and the bases loaded. Castellanos same deal with runners on and 2 outs...nada. 

Not good. World Series Champions come through tonight in certain situations. The Phillies didn't. Simple as that. It's not over, tho. Wheeler on the bump in Game 6 and then Suarez in Game 7. It's not likely, but who knows? If this is truly a destiny team, which I someway, somehow think it is. Why? Because there's no other way to think at this point. 

Also, I sacrificed my (1 of 138) Big Sean Is Mid shirts and wiped Tiko's Taco hat right up my asscrack in the name of the Phillies. It's the little things. I think. 

Eagles are a franchise record 8-0 tho. That's awesome. And I'm a fan of Howie now? Good God what dimension did we just merge into.