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Expect Us: A Dolphins Fan From Wales Has Been Keeping A Handwritten List Of More Than 100 Tua Tagovailoa Haters

It certainly has been a rollercoaster of a career in the NFL for Tua Tagovailoa so far. The Alabama product has suffered a few injuries, played through some mediocre performances, and balled out in some legendary games all since he was drafted in 2020.

The inconsistencies we have witnessed have resulted in a ton of takes by members of the sports media, and a fan in Wales, of all places, has been documenting (by hand) those who have slandered Tua Tagovailova. If you look closely at the tweet above, it has a chronological list of each person along with the date that they hated on Tua.

Luckily for you AWL's and Stoolies, it appears that Big Cat is off the hook. He is the ONLY person on this list that has his name crossed off...

I have so many questions regarding this list. Will we ever see the person who created it? Why is Brian Flores one of the only ones who was written in marker? Why does the handwriting get worse as the list gets deeper? We may never know. 

But I'll say this: it was fascinating to see some media members chime in once they found out that they were on this Tua hate list...

We are TuAnon. Expect us.